Welcome to my site!

I’m a ceramic artist MNK¹ and object conservator NKF-N² who lives and works in Oslo, Norway. I specialise in casting techniques, plaster, porcelain and ceramic materials.

I got my fine arts education in the ceramics department at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and graduated there with a BFA in 2010. Since then, I’ve studied aesthetic philosophy and grown more and more engaged with the preservation of cultural heritage. I graduated from the University of Oslo with a master degree in Object conservation in 2021.

I wrote my master thesis on conservation of plaster sculpture and did my practical training at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo. This was a natural continuation of my main interests as a ceramic artist, where plaster casting is an important part of my practice. My artistic work is often based in slipcasting and the transfer of different textures to porcelain, using plaster as the interpreter between the liquid clay and other material surfaces.

With this combination of acquired skills, I find great interest in art technological research and currently work primarily within the field of sculpture conservation.

My ceramic practice is based in d5 keramikk – a shared studio space at Sagene in Oslo, where we occasionally organize market sales and open studio visits.

  1. MNK – Member of the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.
  2. NKF-N – Member of the Nordic Conservator Association. Early career member of the IIC – International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.
Photo: Ole Akhøj, 2011.