Artist statement – I find great joy in the act of making. I’m greatly fascinated by materials, their properties and how they perform when one tries to process them into form.

When aiming to control a liquid on its way to becoming a solid and set shape, the material sometimes leaves visible traces of its previous liquid state – like a material memory being frozen in a moment of time.

Time is perhaps a key word. My work mainly relies on manual processes, where hands and eyes are essential tools. I find great joy in craft and the stoical maturing of hand skills when attempting to create a certain vision. The time spent in acquiring the skills to do so.

Ideas are fast, craft is slow. Slow processes make time for maturing ideas and gaining new recognitions.

The end results of these acts and processes are my works of art. I see them as a continuation of the tradition of hybrid genre works within the craft field. My works of art alternate the spheres of both design, fine arts, and sculpture. In the act of making them, I also transition genres by lending techniques from different disciplines like photography, printmaking, and textile manufacture.

My motivation stems from a great admiration for what craft practices holds of potential for lifelong learning and tacit knowledge. I’m greatly allured by this humble nature of making.

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